New Gro-ables ? seed pods with attitude

For all the people, whether novices or experienced, who haven?t got the knowledge or maybe just lack spare time to grow tender vegetables from seed, here?s a new no-work concept from the Miracle-Gro Company. This year they are launching a range including ?tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and courgette as Gro-ables, unique seed pods that only need pushing into soil and regular watering to grow into mature fruiting plants without fuss or special attention.

The secret is in the unique pod invented, developed and tested internationally by the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. The bio-degradable shell is made from processed cow manure, the compost inside is peat-free and the fresh seeds are positioned within that compost at the right depth for maximum germination. There is more than one seed carefully positioned in each pod so that growth can be guaranteed. In fact, recommendations ask the grower to thin the seedlings to just one, if more are produced. That?s because there is only enough continuous release fertilizer in the pod to feed just one plant to fruiting, and crowding plants too close together can lead to weak, unhealthy growth.

So the process couldn?t be simpler. Just wait until frosts are finished in your area, remove the instruction lid and then push the pod into your sunny garden soil up to the lip. ?Water and check regularly to keep the pods well watered.? Apart from erecting suitable support if needed there?s nothing more to do.

If you prefer to grow your tender vegetables in an Original Gro-bag or in a greenhouse the Gro-able pods can be started ?into growth indoors in pots of compost and then transplanted into bags or rings at a later date. ?For maximum growth and taste, choose a quality growing bag such as the Tomorite Giant Planter which contains more nutrient rich compost than a standard grow bag for more root growth and easier watering.? ?You will be rewarded with excellent fruiting quality and increased quantity.

Novice and experienced gardeners alike can take advantage of this no-work Gro-ables method. There are cherry and salad tomatoes to choose from and both sweet (bell) and chilli (hot) peppers available, along with an outdoor cucumber and green courgette. Retailing at around ?1.99 each, they provide a sure-fire way of successful seed sowing compared to a simple packet of just a few seeds.

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