New high tech laboratory for KP Holland

The internationally operating grower and breeder KP Holland has commissioned Smiemans Projecten to build a technologically advanced laboratory along the busy flower route.

The 1,400 m2 wide-span construction for the laboratory will be built next to its existing greenhouse, a visible location along the N222 when entering or leaving the Westland region. The aim is to start construction in September so that it can be completed around the turn of the year.

AAB is the designing and supporting party for this project. Hoedbouw takes care of the construction work and Smiemans Projecten builds the glass construction. A traditional 12.80 wide-span construction is transformed into a fully-fledged building with a fully insulated shell so that the ideal indoor climate can be realized. Various offices, climate cells and other units are also being included.

The reason for the construction of the laboratory is that the demand for plant tissue culture material has increased enormously in recent years. KP Holland is responding to this by expanding. In the new laboratory, the focus will be on plant tissue culture, the propagation of plant material in a sterile environment, mainly as basic material for the foreign laboratories. In addition, KP Holland will further broaden its horizon to support breeding. A good example of this is acquiring a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) for marker assisted breeding. This makes it possible to analyse plant properties using molecular markers.

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