New J.Arthur Bower’s Masterblend is best in class

Heralded as the finest peat-based universal compost ever produced by the company, Sinclair?Horticulture’s new J. Arthur Bower’s Masterblend? is a crumbly, very free-flowing blend of?100% professional grade Scottish peat with 10% John Innes. And the mix is as rich and dark as the revamped branding it ushers in across the full J. Arthur Bower’s range of compost, John Innes and soil improvers.

Enriched with a 6-month controlled release fertiliser, Masterblend? is further enhanced by the addition of Celcote?, a cellulose water-absorbing coating which locks onto compost fibres where it stores and releases moisture as it is needed ? resulting in water savings of up to 25% without plant stress or wilt.

due for delivery in January, a 50 litre bag commands an RRP of ?6.99 inc VAT or ?12 for two ? which amounts to a 20% premium over the standard J. Arthur Bower’s multi-purpose compost with added John Innes.

Sinclair Marketing Director, Simon McArdle, said: “Because of its rich history, J. Arthur Bower’s has always been the brand of choice for passionate gardeners and our new Masterblend compost takes our engagement to a new level. We wanted a product that was the absolute embodiment

of the maker?s art, and Masterblend delivers in every respect. “With our new branding we set out to bring to life J Arthur Bower?s passion for gardening. We wanted to create an emotional connection between our very best composts and the keen gardeners that are the lifeblood of our industry.

Our significant investment into research and development of this branding should translate into a significant uplift in sales next year ? with retailers, and especially garden centres, profiting from the higher margins and unique selling propositions.”



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