New ?keep fresh? packaging designed to ?sell? bird seed at the fixture

Gardman?s new wild bird care ?keep fresh? packaging means garden centre retailers can now create a more attractive on shelf display that will help drive up sales.? The new designs feature re-sealable stickers to keep seeds fresh, thicker film for a premium look and feel, a squarer pack shape to enable clearer communication and a block bottom for easy ?stand-up? on shelf.? These elements combined with standardised pack sizes of 1.8Kg for all special blends mean retailers? eye-catching displays will entice shoppers to trade up.

?We have taken the time to develop a really deep understanding of shoppers? preferences so we can ensure we are delivering compelling in store displays that will capture their attention,? explained Tim Goff, Category Director at Gardman.? ?This understanding has driven the new designs, which will make a big impact at the fixture and persuade consumers to purchase a higher value product.?

Available to order now, the new and improved packaging has been rolled out across the entire Gardman range of bird feeds including the special blends? (Robin, Blue Tit, Finch, Songbird and Winter Warmer) and the No Mess and No Grow Blends.? The only feeds not available in the new packs are Seed Mix and Peanut.

Retailers wishing to order should get in touch with their agent.

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