New lily ?guaranteed? to perform

Thompson & Morgan are claiming that trial and competition results prove the new oriental lily will grow to perfection in any part of the UK.

Thompson & Morgan insist on full product testing carried out through technical field trials, but also call on staff, customers and members of the press to get a better understanding of a product?s suitability to British gardens.

Ahead of launching lily ?Romance? in the Thompson & Morgan 2016 spring catalogue, horticultural director Paul Hansord set staff and members of the press the challenge of producing the best patio pot of this new dwarf oriental lily.

Paul commented: ?Every staff entry was a winner ? in the end we had to award more prizes than intended. Gardening in East Anglia poses a challenge when rainfall can be few and far between. Add drying easterly winds plus the extra challenges of container growing, and it proves this new compact lily will be a stand-out hit for our customers in 2016.?

Terry Walton, gardening columnist and radio presenter, won the Thompson & Morgan media challenge with plants raised in his south Wales garden, less than 10 miles from the Vale of Glamorgan which is listed by the Daily Telegraph as the third wettest place in Britain.

The lilies received a further accolade this summer when cut stems were used in the winning floral entry to the Unst Show, an annual flower and produce event held on the UK?s most northerly isle.

The lily ?Romance? collection will be available in the Thompson & Morgan 2016 spring catalogue at ?12.99 for six 13/14cm mixed colour bulbs or ?19.99 for 12.

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