NEW ? LILY OF THE VALLEY Bath, Body & Home Fragrance Collection

The Freshness of Spring in a cool woodland glade; the beguiling notes of happiness, a captivating, elegant fragrance.

Green and delicate, a flight of white flowers, still wearing dew drops; awake with morning sunlight in a woodland glade. Sweet, fresh and graceful the delicate petals reveal a captivating, floral scent full of freshness with a woody base note.

The scent of Lily-of-the-Valley is one that captivates perfumers, invigorating and pure, the diminutive little bell-shaped flower does not demand attention, but rather needs intimacy to perceive its delicate beauty and inhale its elegant rich perfume.

The fresh, warm, soft floral scent, with green, honeyed undertones and just a hint of a rose-citrus is known to have a soothing, softening influence on the wearer and launches in eau de toilette Spring Summer 2015.

The simplicity and delicacy of this British flower, picked in France on May 1st to celebrate spring, carries the scent of happiness.

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