New location for Expo TCO

This year, the Expo TCO trade fair will be held at Tielsestraat 89-95 in Opheusden, on 24 and 25 June 2015. This year’s hosts are De Bomenspecialist, Van Meerten B.V. and Agro ‘De Arend’.

With this location, Expo TCO will be more of an event. As a result, it ties in with the desire of professional visitors to experience the standard tree area with its activities and character close up.

“By opting for a different location at a new time, we wanted to anticipate the wishes of participants as well as visitors”, explains Wim Crum, chairman of the workgroup.

“Thanks to this setup, the costs of participation are considerably lower and we can show our businesses and quality products at a time when nature and nurseries are at their best”.


All aspects of standard tree growers can be found at the new location, and the 70 participants, growers, traders and suppliers will be showing the latest developments. Furthermore, the tree tour makes it possible to visit participating businesses from other parts of the area. Growers and trade companies from the area will be presenting their products and services at the industrial premises and in their own grounds. Suppliers and non-profit organisations will be displaying their products in and near big and small tents. As the region of Opheusden sees an increase in the total package of green being traded, suppliers of green materials outside the region are also invited.


The next three editions will be linked to the ‘Together in Nature’ theme. This theme symbolises ‘Collaboration’ and ‘Nature’. Each year, this theme will be fleshed out in different ways by means of symposiums and brief lectures on the trade fair floor.

About Expo TCO

The Opheusden standard tree region wants to use the Expo TCO trade fair to put itself on the national and international maps. Expo TCO is of interest to the entire chain, from tree growers, traders, open space planners and architects to representatives of the authorities. This year, the Expo TCO will be held at Tielsestraat 89-95 in Opheusden, on 24 and 25 June 2015. The opening times are from 9.00 to 20.00 hrs and parking is free. More information about Expo TCO can be found on

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