New Logo enhances Supamoss brand!

A fresh new logo has been designed and produced for this leading horticultural brand. Supamoss is a firmly established hanging basket liner, developed as an alternative to natural sphagnum moss, and is manufactured in the UK. It is the number one choice for nurseries, growers and serious gardeners. This 100% bio-degradable material has superior water retention and is perforated to allow good drainage. This also produces excellent results in dry weather and provides strong support for the plants. After use it can be composted and even the plastic backing is 100% bio-degradable.

Liners in Bulk Rolls?

Liners are available in bulk rolls of different widths and lengths, as well as square and round pre-cuts of various sizes.? In addition to the standard 24? (60cm width) roll, Gardeco also stock 32? ( 81cm) as well as 36? ( 91cm width). All rolls are 200′ in length (60m).? The wider widths are ideal for lining mangers and very large baskets.? The 24? square retail packed liner retails for SSP ?2.95 inc VAT.

Supamoss returns to Four Oaks

Gardeco Ltd continue to build on this established brand awareness and are now expanding the promotion of this U.K. produced liner to both the retail and nursery sectors. As part of the new marketing strategy , this leading brand will be shown at the 2014 Four Oaks Trade event.? (Stand no : E43).

Gardeco would like to hear from wholesale and retail nurseries as well as garden centres? interested in this Classic British quality product.

Tel: 0870 234 0003. /

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