New market for propagating material

On 27 September Groen-Direkt will introduce a new trading platform for propagating material: cuttings, plugs, rootstocks, scions, etcetera.

From then onwards supply and demand will be centrally coordinated. This combining of trade flows will make it easier to purchase a wider range of material in any desired numbers without unnecessarily complex logistics and administration.

The platform will also serve as an easy means of access to the market for plant growers, and garden centres and professional gardening companies that grow their own plants.

The familiar trading formula that Groen-Direkt has been using for garden plants on a large scale for many years will be applied to the propagating material on a one-to-one basis.

This means that a wide range of products of leading growers will be presented to buyers of nurseries, trading companies and garden centres by means of sample batches.

They place their orders on the basis of the presented batches. This they can do either at the fairs or via the webshop. Groen-Direkt then collects, inspects and combines the products and prepares them for dispatch at the agreed time.

This working method enables buyers to purchase a wide range of propagating material via one order and one delivery, with guaranteed delivery and quality.

Propagating material from twenty growers

Groen-Direkt will start with a range of material from twenty growers. This number may be increased in the future if customers should so desire.

As from next year the propagating material will be constantly available via Groen-Direkt?s webshop. Twice a year the company will moreover organise a large-scale presentation of the sample batches in the form of a ?live catalogue?.

At its fair of 27 September Groen-Direkt will in the Dutch town of Boskoop be presenting its large range of propagating material for the first time, alongside its standard fair presentation of garden plants.

In accordance with Groen-Direkt?s transparent trading method the growers of propagating material will also be present themselves at the fair of 27 September.

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