New name and logo for DLF

DLF-TRIFOLIUM has changed to DLF ? a more simplified company name and a refreshed logo.

The company’s organic growth, driven by the group?s focus on seeds, science and service, has been supplemented by a series of mergers and acquisitions. The company has acquired leading industry names such as Perryfields in Britain, Cebeco Seeds Group in the Netherlands, and the Pickseed companies in Canada and the United States.

Truels Damsgaard, CEO, explained that growth through mergers and acquisitions can have disadvantages. ?We had reached a point where the DLF identity was becoming blurred by the many different names and logos under which we were operating throughout the world. We felt that it was time to unite the DLF family under a single world-recognisable identity with a new name and logo.

?By adopting a single name, DLF becomes a more cohesive unit with a common identity in a competitive, globalised market. It makes us instantly recognisable and helps us communicate what we stand for in a way that is independent of nations and cultures.?

As a result, all former company names, including Innoseeds, Prodana, and even DLF-TRIFOLIUM have been replaced by the DLF name and a uniform DLF logo.

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