New POS and promotions package for Bord na M?na Growise

BNM UK is boosting its range of Bord na M?na Growise, the new single brand of peat-based to peat-free growing media and soil improvers, with the launch of promotions and point of sale package following the news that the Spring 2016 pre-orders of the range have put the company 35% ahead of sales.

Sales manager, Jason Pike explained: ?The new BNM Growise range is going great guns in terms of sell in and we want to ensure our retailers can make the most of sell through by providing a high profile package of marketing support. We are in the process of doubling our UK stock capacity in anticipation of a great season.?

The Bord na M?na Growise range already benefits from distinctive colour-coded packaging, plus new literature and a new website. It now has 25 different POS boards, a series of roadside banners and an
enticing selection of multibuy promotions on peat-based and peat-free multipurpose, premium multipurpose with added John Innes and on organic soil improvers.

Jason continued: ?The investment in the BNM Growise brand ensures that retail customers are well supported on and off line, in media and at point of sale. The message is best in class peat to peat-free proposition backed by security of supply. Our mission is to ensure the consumer can buy the very best performing product whatever the task in hand and whatever their preference in terms of peat and peat-free.?

Bord na M?na UK trades peat?reduced and peat-free growing media and soil improvers through garden centres nationally and is the largest own brand supplier of compost and bark in the UK. It is part of Bord na M?na plc, which specialises in eco-fuels, growing media, recycling, resource recovery and renewable energy.

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