New range a success

Enviroscent received an overwhelming response to the introduction of its new range the Caption Fragrance Co at Spring Fair, according to the company.

And Enviroscent spokesperson said: ?The brand new range provides the only pure home fragrance option available in the market through a patented format of sustainable paper sticks infused with pure fragranced oils.

?A hit with garden centres and florists alike, which made up 65% of all orders placed at the show, was Caption?s unique and entirely new way to discreetly scent a room by hiding green fragranced sticks in plants and florals.

?Following the success of the company?s Scentsicles product, designed to fragrance Christmas trees and garlands, the Caption Range offers a year-round selection of products for the home and car, with the same high-quality ingredients and superior all-natural technology that enables a slow?release of fragrance over a month or more.?

Tamara Kullback, vice president international, said: ?The feedback from retailers and designers was phenomenal.? I repeatedly heard that our products provided the best fragrance experience at the fair.

?Consumers are becoming increasingly astute about fragrance ingredients and have a desire to purchase products that are more authentic to nature and more environmentally responsible.?The Caption range offers just that.?

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