New restaurant Highfield Garden World celebrates success

Family-run Highfield Garden World in Whitminster is celebrating a successful first six months for its new restaurant, with sales up a massive 82 per cent year on year.

Owned and run by the Greenway family for 27 years, Highfield underwent a ?2.5m development which pivoted on the creation of the new 450-seater restaurant with commanding views across the countryside.

Director Tim Greenway said: ?A successful garden centre needs to be as much about good food as it does about gardening these days. We prepare as much of our food in-house as we can, sell 1,000 lunches every week, and have three brilliant bakers on-site to keep up with demand for bread, biscuits and cakes.

?We are projected to have made and sold 23,000 scones and 140,000 hot drinks by the end of summer.

?This project was a major investment for the business and it?s fantastic to see it beginning to pay off. Since launching the new development as well as seeing more of our local customers, we?ve also seen people travelling further to come and see us, when historically it?s been within a 50-mile radius.?

?We?re also seeing a younger market coming through the doors thanks to the ?new? factor.?

The new development increased Highfield?s footprint by around 1,500 square metres to 5,300 square metres

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