A seed germination technique borrowed from commercial growers can now?help amateur gardeners boost their sowing success rate thanks to the new?Growing success seed Blanket from William Sinclair Horticulture.

This finely crumbed, lightweight vermiculite acts as a moisture-retaining insulation layer when?sprinkled over a tray of newly sown seeds ? and it?s one of the reasons why commercial?growers are able to achieve significantly improved germination rates.

The most common causes of non-germination among amateur gardeners are inadequate?temperature control, over-watering and sowing seeds so deeply that they are deprived of?essential oxygen.

Growing Success Seed Blanket ? applied instead of compost in a 3mm layer on top of?a newly sown and watered tray of seeds ? creates the ideal growing environment for most seeds. Completely sterile, it?is free from weed seeds, pathogens and fungi spores and thus helps to prevent seed loss from damping off; and it is so?light and open-structured that seedlings can grow through it with ease.

The blanket absorbs and retains moisture to release slowly as needed, thereby preventing the seeds from drowning?in too much water. In addition, the air pockets provided by the open structure insulate and protect the seeds from?damaging temperature extremes.

Moreover, the thin, laminated structure of the vermiculite allows light to pass through to the seeds below. Ideally, Growing Success Seed Blanket should be sprinkled directly on top of seeds where its aeration and water?holding properties will be of most benefit.

However, those seeds that require darkness to germinate, such as calendula,?delphinium, Nemesia and schizanthus, should be covered with a layer of sieved seed compost before finishing with?Seed Blanket.

With a recommended retail price of ?2.99 including VAT, Growing Success Seed Blanket makes available to the?amateur gardener a tried and trusted method of minimising seed losses. It comes in a convenient 134g re-sealable?canister containing enough minerals to cover two 35 x 20cm seed trays. Displayed alongside seed racks, the new Growing Success Seed Blanket will generate add-on revenue for all retailers. Eye-catching, full-colour merchandising material includes a shelf-ready outer and a display pallet.

For trade enquiries, call 01522 780300 or visit the William Sinclair on line trade area at? E-mail enquiries may be sent to

Seed Blanket

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