New Sorbus ARS Super Turbocut for high performance

The latest pruning saw in the award winning ARS range for arborists is the Super Turbocut UV-32E from Sorbus International.

It?s so called because the cutting edge has a special tooth shape (UV) that helps increase cutting speed, making it even faster to work with than its popular cousin the Turbocut. ARS pruning saws feature Impulse Hardened blades, a technique that involves both heating and cooling within several thousandths of a second and the use of impact energy with high frequency currents.

The result is a remarkable hardness that extends blade life by as much as three times longer than ordinary blades. Hard chrome plating provides rust proofing, adding to the superior durability and the smooth surface is designed to prevent resin from sticking and accumulating on the blades. ARS blades are also thinner along the back of the blade and thicker at the teeth with precision grinding ensuring uniformity along the cutting edge. The effect is a smooth cut, without tearing the wood. In other words they cut like a knife. The same manufacturing technology is applied to the ARS PRO saws, designed for heavy-duty professional use. Each saw comes with its own safety sheath with belt clip and the PRO versions offer a leg strap option.

The aim, say distributors Sorbus, is to provide a range of ergonomically designed saws for all types of user from gardeners to landscapers and professional arborists. The Japanese ARS company has been manufacturing high quality saws since 1876 and steel quality exceeds the exacting level demanded by the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard).


Dealer and distributor enquiries are welcome.? For more details contact Sorbus International Ltd. 01373 475540



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