New ?unstoppable? hose from Copely

The new Royal Horticultural Society-endorsed water hose from Copely Developments Ltd. has been launched as ?Everflow?.

The latest release from Copely is a premium quality garden hose supported by the RHS. It has been developed using ground-breaking technology which allows water to flow continuously, even if the hose becomes kinked, crushed or knotted.

The RHS Everflow garden hose features patented Evercore technology, unique to Copely Developments.

All hoses have a tendency to kink and become tangled, but it is the Evercore ?flow protect? technology which allows the continuous flow of water in all states, whether knotted or crushed ? making this garden hose effectively ?unstoppable?. RHS Everflow is the only garden hose available to feature such technology.

The RHS Everflow hose forms part of a Royal Horticultural Society endorsed range of products, including heavy duty Aquaflex irrigation hose, watering accessories and micro-drip irrigation products.

The full product range can be viewed at:

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