• New wireless camera from Hyndsight

    The Journey 1 by Hyndsight Vision Systems is a lightweight, wire-free camera and monitor unit that can be used to watch the fascinating range of birds, insects and wildlife that visits your garden.

    Hyndsight cameras can be mounted easily and a clear image with true depth of field is transmitted instantly. The monitor will work up to 100 yards away from the camera and up to four cameras can be paired to the monitor, allowing you to positon them in different vantage spots around your property.

    Supplied as a complete kit the Journey 1 includes: a wireless sunlight readable monitor, a wide angle camera with a non-fish-eyed view, two flush mounts, an antenna set and two chargers all in a protective case.

    The Journey 1 from Hyndsight Vision Systems retails at $499.00 and is available from:

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