Newbank Garden Centre suffers overnight burglary

Thieves broke into Newbank Garden Centre overnight on Saturday. They ransacked the premises in a burglary.

It it believed the break-in happened between 6pm on Saturday and 8am Sunday morning.
Staff of Newbank Garden Centre called police at 8.45pm on Sunday to say entry had been forced. The suspects had raided the centre but nothing appears to have been taken.
CCTV, forensic and witness enquiries are ongoing.
Detective Inspector Jackie Guinness said: “We’re determined to find those responsible. We will put them before the courts.
“We work alongside local businesses to prevent and detect crime. We know causes significant distress and inconvenience to their daily activities.
“If you saw anything suspicious in the area or captured anything on home or business CCTV, dashcam or other devices, please let us know and we will take positive action.”

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