NGGV poppy seed giveaway and limited edition voucher

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War One, the Royal British Legion is encouraging UK residents to plant poppy seeds in their towns and gardens. To raise awareness of the campaign, the National Garden Gift Voucher scheme has launched a limited edition ?25 voucher, and will be giving a free packet of poppy seeds to customers with every purchase.

60,000 packs of poppy seeds will be given away with one pack being given away with every purchase of a ?limited edition? poppy National Garden Gift Voucher. In addition a further 60,000 packs of poppy seeds has been donated to the campaign as part of their wider activities.

The seeds, grown and harvested in the UK, are being supplied by HTA member Thompson & Morgan.

HTA members can order the limited edition ?25 voucher stock today and receive free point of sale and free poppy seeds to give away with every purchase. Order your POS online at or email

The bright red Flanders poppies (Papaver rhoeas) also known as corn poppies, will be planted by thousands of people all across the nation this spring, and will flower late July/early August. The 2014 Real Poppy Campaign is the brainchild of The Greenhithe (Kent) Royal British Legion. Chairman, Phil Berry said; ?We would like to see the UK covered in real Flanders poppies during August 2014, just imagine thousands upon thousands of bright red poppies growing in every garden and window box – the entire nation covered in poppies.?

For further information about The Real Poppy Campaign (TRPC) visit:

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