Nippon ? putting pests in their place

As spring gets in full flow, gardeners are turning their attention to pests and how best to keep them under control over the summer months.

A firm favourite with gardeners is Nippon ? the trusted pest control brand, which has a wide range of products available to tackle most garden critters, especially ants and wasps.

Nippon?s Ant range consists of nine products including best sellers Nippon Ant Killer Powder and Nippon Ant Control System.

Nippon Ant Killer Powder is highly effective on ants and other crawling insects.? Used both in and outside the home, users simply puff the powder down cracks or skirting.? Long lasting, one application can last up to six months.

For customers looking for a more discreet pest control system, Nippon Ant Control System is perfect. Containing two refillable ant bait stations and Nippon Ant Killer Liquid it eliminates ants and their nests without a trace.? Simply lay next to the ant trail, the ants will take the bait and return to their nest.

Wasps are just as pesky as ants for gardeners, with Nippon creating three products to tackle these aerial pests – Nippon Wasp Control System, Nippon Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam and Nippon Wasp Nest Powder.

The Nippon Wasp Control System is safe to use around children and pets, and simply hangs from the tree.? Containing a trap and attractant, it can last up to three months providing a wasp-free environment over the summer months.

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