Nippon tackles common household pests

Vitax is providing fast and effective products through the brand Nippon designed to help reduce and terminate the most common household pests.

Nippon Pest Smoke is one of Vitax?s most innovative products for 2014.? An effective smoke generator it eradicates a wide range of insects in just two hours. Odourless and easy to use, simply activate and leave the room and it will kill bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches and much more. ?Available in packs of two – RRP ?8.99.

To help safeguard winter woollens and other fabrics from clothes moths, Nippon Clothes Moth Traps can be used inside wardrobes or under-bed storage boxes so that clothing is kept in pristine condition all year round. ?Discreet and practical, the traps contain a pheromone which attracts male moths to catch them and prevent breeding. Available in a pack of two, they last for up to three months – RRP ?5.99.

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