O’Keeffe’s Working Hands details how to avoid dry skin

Men and women everywhere carry out daily grooming and beauty routines but often forget to include the bodies largest organ, the skin.

Flaky, dry and chapped skin is one of the most common problems people fight but O’Keeffe’s Working Hands hand cream has some top advice to prevent several health problems that dry skin can lead to, including painful cracks, dermatitis and even bacterial infection.

Tip #1

Skin on your hands is thin, delicate and often dry which is why it is the first to suffer.? The most important hand protection from the elements is as simple as just wearing gloves but people often get caught out and it doesn’t take a lot for the signs of dry skin to appear.

Tip #2

Exposure to room heaters and fires both in homes and in the workplace is a key factor which contributes to skin dryness.? Moisture is pulled out of the skin leaving it dehydrated and under-nourished so a regular application of cream to ensure ‘precaution is always better than cure’ is the approach to take.

Tip # 3

Always wear rubber gloves when washing the dishes as the overexposure to water and the chemicals in washing up liquid draws moisture out of the hands.? It is for this reason that you shouldn’t wash your hands too often unless your work requires it.? It sounds like an old wives tale, but a few drops of lemon juice applied to your hands after washing is a good way to add moisture and vital vitamins to the skin and restore its pH balance.

Tip # 4

Once a week, pamper your hands with a herbal bath or a herbal oil massage. For a bath, use nettle, sage calendula, or chamomile steamed in water. Soak your hands in the cooled brew for 10-15 minutes, dry thoroughly, and apply cream. For a massage, use almond oil with several drops of essential oil of rosemary.

Tip # 5

It is easier said than done but avoid scratching.? Extreme scratching can damage your skin causing bleeding and in the worst cases makes it vulnerable to infection.

The top tips come from O?Keeffe?s which is a new brand that promises to make the best skincare products in order to help people that suffer with cracked and painful skin.

Simon Damp, European sales director for O?Keeffe?s said; ?The hands are one of the most used body parts and cracked and chapped skin can result in serious and painful problems developing that could limit simple tasks that you carry out on a day to day basis like driving and writing.

?Maintaining healthy hands is essential to ensure you keep active and O?Keeffe?s Working Hands works perfectly to repair and protect chapped and dry skin as it contains a high concentration of Glycerin that draws in and retains moisture which is necessary for healthy skin.?

RRP for O?Keeffe?s Working Hands?is ?7.99.

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