Oldcotes Water Garden Centre has a special visit

An Oldcotes Water Garden Centre had a special visit from Charlie Dimmock who was there to film for a new BBC series.

Wayside Water Gardens were chosen as a location to be featured on the BBC series The Great British Garden Revival.

The episode where they are featured is due to air at 7pm on Thursday 9th January on BBC 2.

Simon Brothwell, from Wayside Water Gardens, said: ?It was a bolt out of the blue really.?

?We had a phone call from the television production company who explained that the BBC were going to be doing a series which would be airing before and after Christmas.?

?The series is split into different parts and all aspects of gardening.?

?Charlie Dimmock came out to us.?

?We were recommended to the production company because we are one of a very few independent water garden specialists.?

?There are not many of us about.?

The filming at the garden centre took place in September last year but they had to keep it under wraps until the programme was scheduled to be aired.

Simon added: ?It was really good. It was nice to have a film crew about.?

?They were filming for about three hours and asking lots of questions and filming lots of different shots.?

?It was an enjoyable morning.?

Simon said he has not planned a special event to view the episode when it airs.

He said: ?I will probably be watching from behind the sofa.?

?We have got lots of signs up to advertise the show and we have been advertising it on Facebook as much as we can.?

?Lots of customers have been coming in and asking us when it is going to be on.?

? I had a really good chat with Charlie Dimmock. She is a really nice lady and we had a good laugh.?

?She must have started out at a similar time to me as we had a lot in common and talked about the way things used to be.?


Article Source:?http://www.worksopguardian.co.uk/news/local/oldcotes-wayside-water-gardens-had-a-visit-from-charlie-dimmock-and-are-to-be-featured-in-a-bbc-2-television-series-1-6359207

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