Onion show back at Trelawney garden centre

The North Cornwall Onion Show returns to Sladesbridge for the fourth year running later this month.

Held at the Trelawney Garden Centre, the show is thought to have started after the Second World War. It returns on Sunday, September 28.

Peter Burks, general manager of the garden centre, said: “We are calling for people to get involved and enter the show.

“There are 14 categories and people just have to pay 20p per entry. There are sections for other vegetables including shallots, pickled onions, pumpkins, marrows and leeks. Each winner in each class will receive a cup, and a cup will also be presented to the winner of the most classes.

“Both the public and the exhibitors can gain access to the show area when the garden centre opens at 10am. The exhibitors just have to turn up on the day to enter the show and there are no entry forms to fill in.”

The exhibitors are given two hours to stage their exhibits and then the area is cordoned off while the judging takes place at noon. The awards will be given out at 3.30pm.

Peter added: “The North Cornwall Onion Show committee is dedicated to maintaining and improving this local horticultural show and we are delighted we could help them by being the venue for another year. We are looking forward to many more shows at the garden centre.”

The North Cornwall Onion Show takes place from 10am until 4pm.

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