Online Garden Centre brings new plants to the UK

Alstroemeria Rock n Roll, Gaura Pink Panache and Lavender Platnium Blonde are three of the plants being introduced to the UK by online garden centre? The three are already causing a stir among the sites customers and are proving popular choices.

Alstroemeria Rock n Roll, or the Peruvian Lily is a vibrant, hardy plant with brilliant red flowers with gold highlights in the throat. The foliage is a distinctive creamy yellow fading to white with a green edge.

The plants are strong and upright, growing to around 60 ? 80cms tall and form in clumps. They thrive in the garden or in planters.

Gaura Pink Panache, or variegated Pink Whirling Butterflies plant has bright pink flowers, which resemble thousands of tiny butterflies.

This hardy plant is strong and upright and grows to around 60cm tall. It flowers from late May to November and will reshoot year on year to provide the same beautiful display.

Lavender Platinum Blond is the final addition to the collection and was nominated in 2013 for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year.

It gets its name from its highly scented silver grey foliage edged with a creamy gold ?platinum blond?.

In the summer, this lavender has dense spikes of flowers that attract insects like bees and butterflies. It thrives in a hot, dry spot in full sun or partial shade, is tough and drought tolerant.

Chris Bonnett from said: ?We?re fortunate to have the licence to sell these plants in the UK. They?re exciting breeds which create a stunning display in the garden.

?They?re also incredibly versatile. They work well in a flowerbed and look equally as impressive if they?re in a planter on the patio or deck.

?The response from our customers has been good. We?ve matured them in our nurseries and we have incredibly healthy, sturdy plants that create an eye-catching display, they are already among some of our best sellers.?

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