Online garden centre Patch branches out into festive tree deliveries

An online garden centre start-up designed for carless people who ‘have no idea what they’re doing’ has branched out into Christmas tree deliveries.

Freddie Blackett, 28, had the idea for Patch after he moved in with his girlfriend, now wife, Clemmie, in Hammersmith, West London. She said he could put his stamp on the balcony.

He noticed many inner-city garden centres had closed and found DIY stores uninspiring, and?said: “The local garden centre had closed. These places require so much space and that comes at such a premium.?You don’t get the service from a generalist store and online is skewed towards experienced gardeners. It’s hard to know where to start.

“People buy on emotion, which is not the best way to go about it. You’re better off going: ‘What have I got to play with?’ and then deciding on what looks nice.”

The business launched in Stratford, East London, in May with a ?25,000 investment from venture capital firm Forward Partners.

Potential customers answer questions about their space and preferences through the website and are then sent a quote for their window boxes, indoor plants or outdoor plants.

After helping create 300 urban gardens in London, Blackett is now focused on delivering and collecting 1,000 Christmas trees.

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