Online test reveals how plants reflect your personality

Experts have come up with a simple online test that reveals how your favourite plants can reflect your personality.

The ?quiz? is part of a unique experiment at the Chelsea Flower Show 2015 (19-23 May) aimed at answering the question: what plant makes the nation happiest?

Thousands of social media submissions have already created a distinctive shortlist of the UK?s 100 top ?happy plants?.

TV gardener David Domoney is now asking people to choose the 20 plants that make them the happiest ? and learn what it says about their personality in the process.

Five categories reflect each individual?s choices, telling them whether their ?plant personality? is classic; romantic; relaxed; bold or cheerful ? and what that means.

Speaking about the latest stage of the ?Positive Power of Plants? project, Domoney said: ?We?ve already had a brilliant response to our unique experiment.

?Now we?re asking the garden-loving public for their help again. We need to whittle out list of top-100 plants down to the to-20 frontrunners that will feature at Chelsea.

?The ?quiz? to find your ?plant personality? is a bit of fun rather than a rigorous personality test. We?ve broken down plants by category so everyone who takes part can see what their favourite plants say about themselves.

?I?ve worked in the horticulture industry for nearly 30 years and there is no doubt you can tell a lot about people by what they love in their garden.?

Once the top-20 ?happy plants? have been identified, David will create a Chelsea Discovery exhibit, featuring the shortlist ? complete with special cameras to monitor visitor reactions to individual plants.

Cameras will monitor eye contact, physical gestures and smiles or frowns to gauge visitor reaction to the top-20 plants.

A giant plasma screen will display up-to-the hour analytics revealing changing patterns of interest among visitors and a running totaliser.

By the end of the festival, with many of Chelsea?s 150,000 visitors having enjoyed the exhibit, the experiment will reveal which of the plants creates the greatest sense of personal well-being and happiness.

Plants will also be ranked according to age group and gender interest ? which rank highest among men and women, and how young and old rate them differently.

Visit to cast your vote and find out your own ?plant personality?.

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