Osram Opto Semiconductors sets new benchmark with the Duris P10

The consumer market for outdoor LED lighting is a growing commercial opportunity ? according to AMA Research, the UK home improvement market was worth approximately ?7.2bn in 2015; an increase of 4% on 2014.

While spend is increasing, consumers are still very much driven by the price they see on the shelf rather than the long-term cost benefits, such as robustness when compared with other types of lamp. Garden and outdoor living tradeshow, Glee, reported this year that people spend an average of ?123 a year on their gardens, and noted that the trend for low maintenance and cost efficiency was boosting the popularity of LED lighting.

This popularity boost presents a great opportunity for luminaire designers to meet consumer demand. However, finding LED components that fulfil all requirements ? such as robustness and efficiency ? whilst also presenting a strong ROI and competitive pricing for the consumer market is no mean feat. Osram Opto Semiconductors therefore designed the Duris P10, setting a new benchmark for outdoor robustness, reliability and efficiency.

LED components for Outdoor applications are required to meet challenging environmental conditions such as temperature variation from -40?C to +50?C or high humidity. It is important not only for the LED?s wire bond but also for the solder joint to meet outdoor reliability requirements. In case any one of them fails, it results in a malfunction of the luminaire. Duris P10 was soldered on a PCB and underwent thermal cycling reliability tests at -40/85?C and -40/110?C. Even at 3000 cycles no wire bond or solder joint failures could be observed. This is not common in the market, where the average for this overstress is a 500 cycle stability.

The Duris P10 uses a special high quality metal lead frame as well as featuring optimised optics design for secondary lenses and reflectors to suit this diverse application field including luminaires for walkway illumination, flood light, wall washer, decoration and more.

The Duris P10 product fulfils all requirements needed at both a product and luminaire level to provide superior performance. ?The Duris P10 offers a much lower thermal resistance with lower system cost than the competition (0,51 K/W of the Duris P10 vs. a range of 0,9-1,7 K/W of products from competitors) as well as higher reliability due to increased solder joint reliability.? says Chen Farn Hin, system expert for Solid State Lighting at Osram Opto Semiconductors: ?It also has the advantage over traditional HID lighting because its lifecycle is not affected by the negative impacts of UV rays, chemicals and the corrosive effects of weather and pollution?.

Duris P10 is based on automotive qualified products such as Oslon Black Flat which has to meet extremely stringent requirements. The Osram Opto Semiconductors automotive products have been fulfilling this requirement for more than 20 years and this experience has been transferred successfully into the Duris P10. In addition to long-term data that is available for previous products, LM-80 tests of DURIS P10 have passed 8000 hrs by now and show only minimal degradation behaviour, on the same level as ceramics-based products.

To discover more about Osram Opto Semiconductors outdoor lighting solutions, visit: https://ledlight.osram-os.com/applications/street-led-lighting/

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