Paddock Farm garden centre reopens with HSBC funding

The reopening of Paddock Farm Garden Centre has saved six jobs, after the new owner received funding from HSBC. Local facilitator Baldwins were also involved.

Richard Scarr of Scarr Holdings, a former employee of Paddock Farm Garden Centre bought the business through a sealed bid. The deal completed in six weeks.

HSBC provided term funding to help the deal.

Scarr said: “Having worked at the centre for so long, I knew it inside out and wanted to keep it alive.

“With Baldwins, I knew the business’ best interests were priority. They kept me updated every step of the way. I trust the team with my accounting and look forward to a long business relationship with them.”

Phil Empson of Baldwins added: “We were working to a very short time frame of only six weeks. We worked with all parties to ensure the deal was not lost and livelihoods saved.

“As a team, we were passionate about saving Paddock Farm and helping Richard to achieve his dream.

“We even volunteered to pop down to the centre to help clean up the area ready for the business’ reopening. It was a brilliant day and we were more than happy to lend a helping hand.”

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