Pair’s ‘magic garden’ gates close after 10 years

But Bob Park and Greg Kowalczuk ? the gardeners behind the slice of paradise in Wolverhampton ? have now marked the end of an era.

The pair have closed the gate to the public on their beauty spot at 43 Broad Lane in Bradmore after 10 years, and with that they can be proud after raising almost ?45,000 for charity in that time and attracting hundreds of visitors to the property.

Around 400 people came to view the wonders of their garden for the final time and in the process help raise cash for Diabetes UK.

In the past Mr Parker and Mr Kowalczuk, a maintenance man at a number of nursing homes, have helped Macmillan Cancer Support and Marie Curie Cancer Care. ?It was the poor weather we have had that made our mind up to no longer open to the public,? said Mr Kowalczuk, aged 49.”

He added: ?You could never guarantee it would be any good and with the size of our garden you can?t walk around with an umbrella and there?s not enough room for a gazebo. It was also the fact that the heavy rain was making the heads of lilies wilt and it was an effort to make them look pristine again.

“It became a vicious circle keeping the garden looking spotless. You couldn’t relax in it.

“You would notice something was out of place then tend to it then you would see something else and tend that and all of a sudden you would spend hours working on it again. To get 400 people is fantastic and people feel it is a genuine goodbye.

And Mr Kowalczuk said the gate to their magic garden may be kept ajar. He revealed: “You never know we may open on the odd occasion once in a while. You can never say never.”

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