PATS Sandown plays host to strong seminar line-up

PATS Sandown has secured a strong line-up of speakers for the Spring 2020 show. There are two days of seminars, designed to give retailers ideas on new lines and new profit potential.

The talks will take place at Sandown Park Exhibition Centre on Sunday and Monday, February 9-10.
The free-to-attend series of retailer-focused seminars will cover a wide range of topics. They included: how to make customer loyalty the driving force of your business and using calendar events in 2020 to drive sales. Increasing footfall by stocking raw foods is also on the agenda.
Retail expert Ian Retallick will deliver a talk on how retailers can dominate the market. He’ll share his three-step formula to help you dominate your sector of the market.
There will also be a chance to earn SQP points for those people attending an AMTRA-accredited seminar by Beaphar UK.

Discover new ideas at PATS

“One of the easiest ways to discover new ideas is to attend the seminars at PATS,” said organiser Gordon Thomas.
“If there’s a subject that catches your eye then make a mental note of the time or write it down in your diary so you don’t miss it.
“Most seminars last half-an-hour so they won’t take up a huge amount of your buying time. Also because of the time limit, there’s a lot of information packed into such a short session. Often it’s a good idea to take notes or write down bullet points. Usually, the speaker will take questions at the end of the talk.”
As well as this programme of seminars there will be so much more to see. There is 150-plus exhibitor stands, including a New Product Showcase. There are also exciting dog grooming workshops.

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