Hassle-free paving treatments with new start up Block Blitz

Yorkshire-based start up company, Block Blitz has produced the UK?s first block paving specific treatment, specially designed to clean and protect paving with no need for effortful scrubbing, jet washing or sealing required.

Using SOFT WASH TECHNOLOGY ? to lift dirt and grime, Block Blitz can be simply mixed with water, applied and left to wash away naturally. Benefitting from a mineral and plant-based formula, Block Blitz is the only paving treatment on the market to offer a unique non-toxic solution to cleaning paving. Incorporating a bespoke barrier detergent, Block Blitz goes on to repel dirt following initial application ? as well as deterring algae, moss and weed growth ? and offers UV protection for year-round useage.

Block Blitz founder, Dave Moore explains, ?Coming from a background in the industry, I was keen to produce a product which could make a real difference to the look of paving, without the need for tiresome scrubbing. Block Blitz is ideal for anyone looking to save time or energy whilst ensuring the upkeep of their paving. The simple, hassle-free application process makes Block Blitz particularly useful for busy home dwellers.?

Since entering the market in 2016, Block Blitz has received industry-wide recognition for its innovative offering, winning the Glee New Product Award for Garden Care and securing business with a host of stockists since its launch. Dave continues, ? We?ve been thrilled with the response Block Blitz has been met with from both independent garden centres and multiples, as well as amongst wholesale traders. Since bringing Block Blitz to market, we have secured well over 200 stockists in the UK and are now even have plans in place to export the product to the Netherlands and wider European market to meet demand overseas.?

With Block Blitz paving cleaner proving to be a real success within the garden sector, 2018 sees the launch of Block Blitz Gravel Treatment. Benefitting from a similarly powerful formula as the original block paving treatment, Block Blitz Gravel Treatment offers an effortless solution to cleaning both gravel drives and decorative aggregates, protecting the surface from future weed and moss growth with its easy to use, two-in-one formula.

With an RRP of ?3.49 per pouch, Block Blitz is an ideal product for garden centre retailers looking to maximise on sales of garden care items at any time of year, and particularly during the run up to the busy summer gardening season. Complete with merchandising and point of sale support, including informative flyers, counter top merchandisers and eye-catching full-length merchandising units, Block Blitz is well supported on the shop floor.


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