Pearson Memorial medal awarded to Adam Wigglesworth of Aylett Nurseries

The 2020 Pearson Memorial Medal for outstanding service to the garden industry has been awarded at a surprise, socially distanced presentation to Adam Wigglesworth, director of Aylett Nurseries and former president of the HTA.

Current HTA president, Boyd Douglas-Davies, visited Aylett’s Hertfordshire garden centre on Friday and joined a staff briefing where he surprised everyone with a speech celebrating Adam’s contribution to horticulture over the years.

“You’ll be very familiar with the wonderful things Adam does here for Aylett Nurseries and this area and the community,” Boyd told those gathered.

“But let me tell you a bit about what he has done during his time at the HTA. He was on the retail management committee since it began and was chair between 2013 and 2016; he became a member of the commercial committee in 2017 and continues that commitment today; a board member from 2014 to 2019 and was president between 2015-2017. The huge changes Adam made during his time at the HTA were all for the better of the industry and it gives me immense pleasure to present you with this award.”

Receiving the award, Adam commented: “I was completely taken by surprise when presented with the Pearson Memorial medal by Boyd and feel honored to be the recipient of this year’s award. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my fantastic team, who all share the honour.”

The Pearson Memorial Medal for outstanding service to the garden industry has been awarded by the HTA on an annual basis since it was instigated in 1930 in memory of the HTA’s first general secretary, Charles Pearson.

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