Hillview Hardy Plants: Perovskia Lacey Blue!

Hillview Hardy Plants report on another successful Fete des Plantes held in St. Jean de Beauregard. The autumn edition of this bi-annual event produced the usual flow of passionate French plant people and ex-pats looking for something new and unusual. The event draws many artisans and craftsmen to its three day event.

Hillview’s Ingrid Millington reported ? Our new range of Summerinas sold well. There was? much interest in the 3 main colours, brown, orange and yellow. Our labels are produced in French with plant name, family, characteristics, lowest temperature tolerated and priced in euros. This enhances our level of sales to some very knowledgeable visitors who are very keen to learn about the best options for the plants we sell.

Perovskia Lacey Blue

?During the event, we were delighted to discover the range of Perovskia Lacey Blue which is a dwarf Russian sage. These were originally plucked from a tray of ?Blue Spire? seedlings by British plant breeder, Peter Catt, ?Lacey Blue? is a superb long-lived selection that?s big on flowers and small in stature. This rugged and undemanding perennial appreciates a spring pruning and makes an exemplary candidate for hot dry, sharp draining spots, especially where space is scarce. This plants blooms from July?mid-October so we intend to make these available for Spring 2014.?

Persicaria microcephala ‘Purple Fantasy’

A further new introduction for 2014 is the Persicaria microcephala ‘Purple Fantasy’ (fleeceflower) which also caught the eye. The more well known ‘Red Dragon’ has red/purple markings, whereas ‘Purple Fantasy’ has deep maroon markings on its leaves. A plant with truly scrumptious foliage, this plant is an established favourite in Europe, but just emerging in the U.K.

Ingrid Millington will be talking each day at the Christmas Ideal Home exhibition from Nov 13-17 at Earls Court.? Her themes will include herbaceous plants and swag creation.



New Summerina Yellow (3)

Persicaria microcephala 'Purple Fantasy' (3)



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