PETA criticises Bents for reindeer in Christmas event

A member of PETA has openly criticised Bents Garden Centre in Glazebury for using live reindeer during one its Christmas events.

Campaign co-ordinator Kirsty Henderson urged the managing director of the centre to remove the live animals from scheduled events.

In the letter, the activist said: ?Using live animals in these sorts of events sends a damaging message to young people that animals are little more than living props.?

In a statement, a spokesman for Bents responded: ?We have been visited by reindeer at Christmas time for the past five years and work very closely with their breeders to ensure they are cared for at all times whilst at the centre.

?We have consulted and checked with the RSPCA who have confirmed that as long as the animals? needs are met they do not have an issue with the event.?

The reindeer in question are scheduled to appear at Bents? ?Festive Family Fun Weekend? on the 5 and 6 December.

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