Peter Beales Roses team up with Wharton Nurseries and Dragonfli

Peter Beales Roses and Whartons Nurseries are teaming up with Dragonfli to offer the ultimate planting aid for roses.

Whartons Nurseries will market the new Peter Beales recommended Roots Boost exclusively to garden centres alongside their famous roses.

Roots Boots combines 18 species of Endo and Ecto Mycorrhiza fungi, which ensures Roots Boots aids many different plant types and is combined with bio stimulants and microbes to improve plant health and help suppress soil borne diseases.

The benefits to roses and other plants with using Roots Boost include:

  • Early root establishment and increased root growth
  • More efficient uptake of nutrients
  • Increased water uptake and drought resistance
  • Improved plant vigour and health

Available in three re-sealable pouches:

60g (4 plant pack)

250g (15 plant pack)

500g (30 plant pack)

For garden centre trade supply contact Whartons on 01379 606020 or email: .

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