Pidy Launch Flower of Peace Canap

Pidy, a world leading family owned pastry manufacturer are very proud to launch their latest ready to fill Flower of Peace commemorative canap?s. Pidy have been creating a wide variety of ready to fill pastry for over sixty three years and their latest launch not only commemorates the First World War but will also support a war charity as well.

The brightly coloured flower shaped canap? range comes in neutral beetroot flavour canap? cup which can be filled with a sweet or savoury filling. The Flower of Peace canap? has a distinctively bright red beetroot colour and is made with a light P?t? ? Foncer dough and the cups will be available to the European foodservice market.

Robert Whittle General Manager at Pidy UK explains ?We are extremely proud to be commemorating the First World War, supporting world peace and giving back to charity with our new canap? cups. We have trialled them with a number of clients and consumers already and we have had some great feedback. The canap?s are extremely versatile the lighter pastry and their neutral taste ensure that they can be used for a variety of occasions and functions. Having launched a number of canap? cups that have been made with the same lighter dough such as the Veggie cup, Fruity cup and Spicy cup we believe that the Flower of Peace canap? cup will be very popular within the foodservice sector.?

The shape of the canap? is based on the well-known ?Remembrance Poppy?, the first flower to grow in the churned-up earth of soldiers? graves in West-Flanders. The use of the Poppy was inspired by the poem ?In Flanders Field? written by the Canadian poet John McCrae. It eventually became the symbol of the ?Great War?.

The Pidy Flower of Peace canap?s can be filled with a number of delicious savoury fillings such as meats, cheese, pate, and seafood, roasted vegetables to sweet fillings such as fruits, cream and chocolate. The ready to fill canap?s can also be served warm or cold, the possibilities really are endless.

Robert Whittle General Manager at Pidy UK explains ?Even after sixty years of making pastry the Pidy NPD team continue to innovate to ensure that their products meet the demands of consumer diets as well as suiting a busy kitchen whilst also retaining a high quality taste. Pidy?s range offers a wide array of ready to fill patisserie items which not only taste delicious but look individual and homemade. The Pidy range of flavours, taste, textures and styles ensure that our clients are able to cater from small parties to banquets with the reassurance of consistency in every aspect.?

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