Pidy Launch Lighter Pastry for Festive Feasts

Pidy a world leading family owned pastry manufacturer are excited to announce the launch of a brand new sweet and neutral short pastry range just in time for Christmas. Pidy have been creating a wide variety of pastry products for over 63 years and their latest range of ready to fill pastries is perfect for the busy festive period.

The latest pastry range named hard fon?age is Pidy?s own alternative short, crisp and delicately thin pastry and is available in two varieties; sweet and neutral. This new revolutionary pastry forms the start of a new era in Pidy?s range to provide regular shapes which have a lighter appeal and provide a higher filling to pastry ratio allowing chefs more room for delicious fillings. The sweet and neutral flavours of pastry also enable eateries to create a wide variety of desert and savoury canap?s.

Robert Whittle General Manager at Pidy UK comments ?Research over the last few years has led us to believe that our customers are seeking new ways in which to present their pastry offering with lighter shape, composition and texture alternatives. Our new sweet and neutral fon?age pastries are our lightest yet, the light pastry makes the canap?s crisper and they also allow more room for sweet and savoury fillings. Our fon?age pastries are in demand with chefs and caterers as the need for thin and healthy pastry continues to grow.?

The neutral range taste delicious with festive fillings such as roast turkey and cranberry sauce or why not add sage and onion stuffing and bake for five minutes to make a tasty meat free savoury canap?. The sweet range also works incredibly well with festive dessert fillings such as chocolate fondant or mincemeat topped with meringue to create a tasty mince meringue pie. The sweet pastry range will hold its crispness even when filled with hot desserts like cr?me brulee. Other serving and filling suggestions include mini cheesecakes, cr?me anglaise, fruity and zesty lemon tarts, the possibilities really are endless.

Paul Eason Business Development Chef at Pidy explains ?Both product ranges save time whilst ensuring quality is maintained especially around the hectic Christmas period. Even with thinner pastry the new range still remains moisture resistant allowing caterers to prepare the canap?s well in advance, perfect for any busy kitchen. We always look at various food trends and listen to customer feedback when it comes to developing our products or expanding our range. Improving the filling to pastry ratio of our products was one of the key changes our customers wanted to see. Now we are excited to launch our newest short pastry range just in time for the festive season. According to the National Restaurant Association, miniature and bite size products were on the top trends list for 2014 and our latest range is ideal for creating some delicious bite sized seasonal canap?s.?

Pidy?s range also includes a number of sweet and savoury tarts, a selection of mini cups in a spicy, veggie and fruity range as well as savoury vol au vents and a new gluten free range all perfect for creating a tasty variety of appetisers, canap?s and seasonal desserts. Pidy prides themselves on how versatile their pastries are particularly during the demanding festive period.


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