Planters Garden Centre, Tamworth installs Europe?s first ‘Tipping Plank’

Planters Garden Centre, Tamworth have installed two ?Walk the plank? elements in time for the 2017 school summer holidays. The 6-inch wide stand-alone beams set the stage for a daring walk of 6 feet without handrails. Planters have installed a static plank on the lower level and on the upper level a tipping plank, the first of it?s kind in Europe. The tipping plank slightly tips forward when the participant walks further than 1ft, this elicits a rush, adding to the fear and adrenaline fuelled fun as you walk towards the edge and see the ground, over 24ft below!

Company director Gerald Ingram said: “Summer 2017 marks Sky Trail?s 5th fun year at Planters, to celebrate we?ve installed not just one, but two ?Walk the plank? elements to our course, the tipping plank is scarier than it looks!”

Manufactured in the USA and shipped to the UK,?Planters is the first in the UK and Europe to install a ?Tipping Plank? on?the popular Sky Trail Navigator attraction.

Gerald continued: “Planters really is the home of Summer Fun, including our bigger than ever ?Beach? with all the fun of the seaside without driving to the coast! A fantastic play area for little adventurers and not forgetting Sky Trail for the brave and daring! Our pet area is home to cute & furry friends, we have an aquatics centre on site and a restaurant serving delicious meals, all in our award winning garden centre”

The course?s new elements were open for the 15th July and some very lucky participants were the first to give it a go. The new ?Walk the plank? elements officially open this weekend on Saturday 22 July. Sky Trail is scheduled to be open every day of the 6 week holidays, check opening times and buy tickets online at?

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