Poinsettia promotion reaches over and above 380 million

Following last year?s annual report stating poinsettia promotions had reached over 380 million people between October and December, marketing initiative Stars for Europe is set to continue in boosting the plant?s reputation as a necessary seasonal buy, using PR to ensure its image remains synonymous with Christmas.

Originally founded by European poinsettia breeders D?mmen, Syngenta Seeds, and Selecta Klemm, the campaign began in 2000 with the aim to promote and ensure long-term European poinsettia sales with activities taking place in 16 European countries, some aided by EU funding.

Last year?s campaign successfully placed poinsettias before the eyes of millions of consumers through a wide range of activities, including a photoshoot starring a model wearing a poinsettia dress among rows of plants at Hill Brothers Nursery. Thanks to their iconic and scarce nature, images of the dress were spread far and wide and were featured in national papers including the Times and Daily Express.

Plans for the 2016 campaign are now developing, following a meeting between Greg Hill, British Protected Ornamentals Association chairman, Woodlark Nurseries managing director Colin Edwards and Purple Spotted Media, the PR & communications company behind its UK leg.

Themes provided by the German co-ordinators of the pan-European campaign must take play, which this year means the concept of ?making memories? as well as the plant?s Mexican heritage will run throughout.

Purple Spotted Media explain, ?When working with the media, we have to be aware of what will and won?t generate coverage, whilst sticking to a fairly rigid schedule. Stars for Europe is co-ordinated across 16 different countries, and each one is given guidelines and necessary activities.

?Funding for campaigns like Stars for Europe is few and far between, so it?s extremely important that our activities genuinely work; that they generate more poinsettia sales now and in the long-term. Which is why we have put emphasis on forward-thinking ideas that are likely to catch the eyes of the press and ignite the imaginations of consumers.

?We?re not trying to sell a specific brand in the same way that a toothpaste or fizzy drinks company might. Instead, we?re strengthening the link between the coming of Christmas and the buying of poinsettias for the British general public.?

The campaign?s essential UK activities include distributing a range of press releases on the topics mentioned, as well as collaborating with a media partner. This year, Stars for Europe is again teaming up with The Sun, one of the country?s most read newspapers, for a special new project.

Purple Spotted have also teamed up with PR expert Liz Anderson for another year. Responsible for the huge popularity of British Flowers Week, Liz will oversee certain consumer-facing aspects of the poinsettia campaign, including a London event for press and bloggers which will demonstrate new and unusual ways to use a standard supermarket or garden centre-bought poinsettia in the home.

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