Pooch & Mutt take on the biggest ad this Christmas

Christmas ad campaigns are big business, with all the big retailers and big brands fighting it out to make the best ad to get the public?s attention. With Pooch & Mutt launching their first Christmas range, they looked to continue their role as a disruptive challenger brand with the release of a playful behind-the-scenes video of the biggest Christmas ad this year.

The ?Reveal-All? documentary portrays the four-legged star of the festive season as a diva who is far more interested in delicious grain-free treats than a late-night bouncing session on a trampoline. The star is repeatedly late to the set, and we watch a production assistant painstakingly count out varying quantities of Pooch & Mutt food ?otherwise he gets really mad?. Pooch & Mutt?s Calming Crunchies feature as the key rider to save the trampoline scene from disaster and the video ends with the line ?This Christmas save the trampoline for the kids, and get your dog what they really want?.

Already hitting over a quarter of a million views on Facebook in the first few days of its release on facebook, and with coverage in national publications, Pooch & Mutt really do seem to have taken the nation by storm.

Guy Blaskey, founder of Pooch and Mutt explained: ?Although it?s great that the animals have taken centre stage in the department store?s Christmas advert, we know that dogs don?t want trampolines ? girls do! In our playful behind-the-scenes take, the girl gets the gift of her dreams but the dog also gets what he really wants – high quality grain free treats. It?s a truly happy ending!?

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