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Gardman is reporting that with more and more people living in rented accommodation, hanging gardening and container planting is a major area of growth. As more people need their outdoor spaces to be transportable, Gardman is seeing growth in its premium hanging garden brand, Blacksmith.

Using hanging containers and wall troughs to transform patios and balconies was demonstrated at this year?s ?Love the Plot You?ve Got? roadshow by the Garden Industry Marketing Board, and Gardman reports it was one of the campaign?s most popular features.

Retailers can capitalise on this trend by ensuring they create engaging hanging gardening displays, and Gardman is well-placed to aid retailers fashion such in-store displays.

Gardman?s Blacksmith brand offers retailers a choice of hand-forged wrought-iron baskets, troughs, planters and brackets in a choice of sizes all of which comes with a five-year guarantee. To further support the range is a suite of POS and seasonal planting takeaway guides, along with a tiered display plinth which can be used for link-sell opportunities such as water gel, compost and plants.

The trend towards smaller gardens will also stimulate the sales of Gardman?s new Moulton Mill ?Budding Gardeners? range of smaller, lightweight tools. The range is designed to suit users with limited space or who are unable to manage heavier full-size versions.

Packaging and merchandising material carries the slogan ?For families that grow together?, to emphasise that gardening is a rewarding pastime for the whole family. To showcase the range in-store, Gardman has crafted a shed-shaped display to house the entire range.

For more information, visit: http://www.gardman.co.uk/

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