POS support for Titan Puncture Proof wheel

Following a successful launch earlier this year of its Titan Puncture Proof wheel, The Walsall Wheelbarrow Company Ltd has created a compact merchandiser to effectively showcase the unique product.

Displaying ten Titan Puncture Proof wheels, the cut-case unit is a company merchandiser designed to optimise available retail space whilst enhancing the opportunity for impulse purchase by giving a clear view of the product.

Launched as both original equipment and as a retro-fit product for any existing wheelbarrow, the Titan Puncture Proof wheel uses technology previously unseen in the wheelbarrow sector. Performing just like a pneumatic wheel, the Titan is suitable for any environment or terrain.

Commenting on the launch of Titan?s point of sale support, Simon Thacker, sales directors of The Walsall Wheelbarrow Company Ltd, said: ?We have seen strong uptake of the Titan Puncture Proof wheel so far since its launch and we are keen to support our product further with effective yet practical point of sale.

?We are expecting increased sales following its introduction from professional end users and hobbyists as well as domestic gardeners who will quickly and easily see the benefits of Titan, thanks to the new merchandisers.?

The Walsall Wheelbarrow Company Ltd is the only remaining UK-based and UK-owned manufacturer of wheelbarrows.

For further information about the Titan Puncture Proof wheel along with its new merchandising unit, please call the Walsall Wheelbarrow Company on 01902 304002.

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