A power revolution in the garden

The most powerful and fastest recharging battery powered range of garden products in the world, that goes head-to-head with petrol for performance, is launched under the EGO brand on stand 19/D56 at Glee 2014.

With a promise that they are as powerful as petrol equivalents but without the noise, fuss or fumes, EGO unveils its 56-volt lithium-ion battery powered lawnmower, hedge cutter, line trimmer, chain saw and blower, taking cordless technology to a new, higher level.

In less than six months sales in the United States have established EGO as one of the fastest selling cordless garden product brands in the country and now the 56-volt lithium ion powered range will be available in the UK.? EGO is ideal for all UK garden conditions, regardless of size, location and weather.

The EGO range delivers the most powerful cordless range of garden equipment.? The 4.0Ah battery, when used with the lawnmower, has an average operating time of 45 minutes, enough time to cover 800m2, and is fully recharged from empty in just 30 minutes.? With two batteries ? one in use and the other on charge ? EGO offers limitless and effortless gardening.? The same battery and charger powers all the products in the entire EGO range.

Running costs are approximately one tenth of that for petrol powered equivalents.? This factor, plus reduced noise, vibration and a total absence of operating emissions is a compelling environmental argument in favour of EGO.

?We describe EGO as ?Power Beyond Belief? and it really does have to be experienced to fully appreciate what we are saying,? says EGO Europe?s Marketing Director, Steve Roskell.? ?This is a direct challenge to petrol, electric and existing cordless garden products.? We have re written the powered garden products rule book.

?It is the first ever range of cordless outdoor powered equipment capable of matching or surpassing the performance of petrol powered machines without any of the noise, fuss or fumes.?? EGO products are powerful, quiet and easy to use,? adds Steve.

The lawnmower is sold complete with battery and charger whilst the other products in the range are sold without them (although they can be purchased separately) which means really attractive retail prices.

EGO dealers will be offered full technical training in addition to full support.

For further information about the full EGO range visit www.egopowerplus.com





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