Princess Royal receives garden seeds

HRH The Princess Royal recently visited Capel Manor College in Enfield to rename its School of Animal Management and Saddlery to The Princess Royal College of Animal Management and Saddlery.

Suffolk seedsman John Fothergill was on hand to present her with a range of garden seeds from Mr Fothergill?s, which has a show garden at the site. The selection included cosmos and tomatoes to mark 2016 being designated as the year of the cosmos and tomato.

The renaming marked The Princess Royal?s continuing involvement with Capel and her encouragement to develop the school since she suggested the idea in 1986. The new facility was built at a cost of ?3.6m and offers state-of-the-art resources to benefit all of the college?s animal management and saddlery students at whichever of its London centres they are based.

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