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Tetra, the global fish product manufacturer, has released two new pond solutions: Pond Peat & Straw Extract for natural clear pond water, and Pond Water Stabiliser to stabilise all important water values. This comes alongside the relaunch of its Pond Sediment Minus with new improved liquid formula for sludge reduction.

Tetra?s new Pond Sediment Minus contains bacteria spores which degrade organic bottom sludge, ultimately leading to improved water quality, according to Tetra. The company also states that the product will extend the cleaning intervals for garden ponds and filters, allowing less disturbance of the eco-system thanks to less frequent cleaning measures.

Tetra?s Pond Water Stabiliser is designed to help maintain stable KH and pH values, supporting the wellbeing of pond inhabitants. The powder dissolves quickly, allowing it to work without clouding the water, and can also help to counteract the natural acidification that all ponds experience.

The Pond Peat & Straw Extract Tetra is designed to filter out and reduce light penetration for natural clear pond water. The company states that the solution acts as a light filter and impairs the photosynthesis process, and can be used year-round.

C?line Rignault, trade marketing manager of Tetra, commented: ?Pond problems such as unclear or murky water, sludge, unstable pH values or too-soft water are common to fishkeepers. Our simple and quick solutions can help manage these easily, restoring ponds to a healthy environment which supports fish and plant wellbeing. It?s because of this we?re committed to innovation and looking at ways we can launch new products and relaunch existing ones to make them even better to continually improve the fishkeeping experience.?

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