Promotional Space: In time for Christmas

As companies start to think ahead to the New Year they are planning how best to use their marketing budgets to generate new interest in their product/service, to ensure that 2014 is the best year ever.

Finding the best way to advertise and generate new business can be a difficult task facing business owners.? Ensuring a return on the advertising investment can only be obtained by understanding the results and running a quantifiable campaign.

One of the most effective forms of data capture, brand awareness and customer acquisition has been the increasing popularity of Short Term Concessions or third party In-store Promotions that appear in high footfall areas of retail venues across the UK.

Having the direct interaction with the customer to understand their requirements and discuss the offer directly offers business owners the best opportunity to show case their service and generate leads which can be converted. The commercialisation of retail venues in this way, to maximise the potential returns available from every square foot available, has supported the sales and rental income that the hosts have generated this year and have proved an excellent way of enhancing the experience for the customers.

Garden Centres, Supermarkets, Retail Parks, Leisure Retailers, Shopping Centres, Service Stations all accept Concessions and are looking to offer promotional space within their stores to promote complementary, non-competitive businesses to enhance their proposition.

The recently re-launched web site and venue locator on enables promoters to find their nearest venue from a selection of national retailers ensuring that wherever you are, you can find a suitable venue to promote your business.

Ian Silverton, Managing Director of Promotional Space Ltd adds ?We have seen a noticeable increase in the demand for?in-store?promotions this?year and are working with more and more retailers to service the customers we have.? The feedback we get from promoters has been very positive and the direct interaction they get with the customers has ensured an excellent repeat booking?

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