Pupils design new Kinglassie playground with help from Dobbies

Pupils and staff from Kinglassie Primary School officially opened its brand new playground last week, and it?s all based on the children?s own designs.

Opened by Fife Provost Jim Leishman, a number of ?businesses who helped to support the new development were invited along on the day, as were members of the ?community and local councillors.

The children can now look forward to chalkboards?and picnic tables, stages where they can put on their own plays, and an outdoor classroom area which doubles as a storytelling area for the nursery school.

There are also a number of new play equipment items including a ball bucket, a boat climbing frame and a trim trail.

Local businesses were approached and asked to donate ?100 towards the primary school?s Centenary Playground Fund, and over ?1300 was raised to go towards the cost of developing the school grounds.

Headteacher Jackie Carswell said: ?When I started at Kinglassie in August, straight away the main focus was looking at how to develop the playground.

?Our children had already completed designs of what they would like to see.

?We wrote to all of the local businessess in the area and asked if they would be willing to donate to the cause.?

The school also contacted Dobbies Garden Centre as part of their ?Here We Grow? fund and where able to choose planters and plants to act asboundary markers within the school grounds.

The children were fully involved in the project and work began just before the school returned from the summer break.

Playground helpers from P7 helped to decide where the new items should be placed with house captains getting involved with the planning of the layout and route of the trim trail.

?The children are so excited with their new playground and now look forward to getting outside during playtime and lunchtme,? Mrs Carswell continued.

?It has made a huge difference to the school.

?It has been a wonderful journey involving the children, the parent council and people from within the local community and we appreciate all the support we have received.?



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