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The complete range of Q4 products

Vitax has followed the successful launch of its Q4 Premium Liquid Feeds in the 2014 season with the addition of two new products to the range for 2015.

Q4 Premium Soluble Plant Food and Q4 Rootmore – the newest additions to the Q4 fertiliser range – took centre stage amongst 10 new products Vitax unveiled for the 2015 season.

Specially created to produce bumper crops and bigger blooms, Q4 Premium Soluble Plant Food has been formulated to increase flowering and improve crop flavour.

Using a revolutionary organic nutrient delivery system (ONDS), it achieves fast results and is the most complete feed product available for the whole garden.

Q4 Rootmore contains the popular mycorrhizal fungi as well as seaweed and humates to stimulate intensive root growth. ?Created to enhance roses, trees, shrubs and edible plants, it reduces the need for additional fertilisers.

Q4 Premium Soluble Plant Food and Q4 Rootmore now take the number of Q4 fertilisers available to seven.

In addition to Q4, Vitax also revealed its new Green Up Enhance range for the first time.? With a mix of liquid and granular feeds available, the new line-up includes: Green Up Enhance Lawn Feed, Green Up Enhance Autumn Lawn Feed and Green Up Enhance Liquid Lawn Feed.

Each product has been developed to release nutrients into the turf to improve root development, whether it is through a steady release or delivered straight to root.

It is perhaps the Green Up Enhance Liquid Lawn Feed which drew the most attention as it is the most advanced liquid lawn feed available.? Used by professional greenkeepers, it has a unique combination of amino and humic acids which also uses the ONDS to achieve professional results.? As it delivers straight to the root, less fertiliser is wasted by being washed away.

Consumer confidence in the Nippon brand is still high and Vitax has expanded the range again with Nippon Fly Papers.? Simple to use and pesticide free, they have a floral design to ensure they do not look out of place in any home.

Other products which hit the mark for 2015 included: Weedfree Path and Patio liquid and ready-to-use spray, Copper Mixture, Greenhouse Cleaner and Orchid Mist Spray.

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