Racehorse trainer sees the light

LED lighting used in plant growth has been successfully trialled in therapy for racehorses. Thanks to suggestions from Keith Foster, owner of Exhibition Seeds, and Stephen Fry, commercial sales manager for HydroGarden, the correct level of light has been trialled to improve the fitness and performances of racehorses owned by Phil Kirby.

Kirby is a renowned trainer with 104 winners in the 2013-14 season. He installed Valoya LED lighting to two of his horseboxes, which were switched on for a total fourteen hours a day. HydroGarden cited studies across the world that have given excellent results in LED usage healing strains and wounds in animals.

During the six week trial Kirby stated that his horses had ?developed excellent muscle tone? and that ?their generally improved wellbeing was very evident.? Both horses had their daily food allowances increased and had visibly better skin than the horses not in the trial.

LED therapy is reported to stimulate the body?s major carrier of energy to its cells, allowing cells to the use nutrients faster and remove waste products faster.

Kirby suggests that LED therapy will be useful for young foals in achieving goal weights by the time they are sold to other buyers.

For more information about HydroGarden and Valoya LEDs, visit: www.hydrogarden.com

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